But I'm Needle Phobic!

There’s a spectrum of needle fears, ranging from downright needle phobic to being moderately concerned about the whole voluntarily-being-stuck-with-needles thing. Regardless, fear of needles is the number-one reason people choose to forego acupuncture.

Needle apprehension is very common and natural, considering that we have been conditioned to associate needles with pain—think dentists, blood draws, and IVs. But such is not the case. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin and bendable, nothing like the stiff, hollow needles we are accustomed to in a medical setting.

Most people who have never had acupuncture do not realize that when inserted it produces little or no sensation at all. When the needle makes contact with Chi, most patients experience a slight tingling sensation. First-time patients are usually amazed at how comfortable they are during treatment.

Contact our office to see just how painless and beneficial acupuncture can be.

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