CBD Oil and Me?

CBD oil is becoming all the rage, and for good reason! In this age of increased anxiety and an opiod crisis, CBD oil is a great natural alternative. What does CBD oil help with? CBD can help with pain relief, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and more. Even more serious chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Chron’s disease, and more seem to respond well to a CBD regimen. All without a prescription! Want to give it a try? Our office carries Healthworx CBD. Their CBD comes from Colorado Hemp Oil and it is made from Organic, Non-Gmo, Pesticide Free, CO2 extracted Industrial Help oil. We have a Full Spectrum CBD oil, Full Spectrum Capsules, and a CBD only oil in stock in the office. While the Full Spectrum does contain a small amount of THC (the psychoactive found in marijuana) it is not enough to get you "high". A full spectrum has more benefits than the CBD isolate, but both still can give you great benefits. Think of it as a salad...you will get more nutrition if your salad is loaded with lots of different vegetables, but eating just lettuce is better than nothing. Come in to get more information and give it a try!

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