“I have been a patient of Dr. Rhett Tusken for two years. He added cupping and acupuncture to my treatment plan for pain, loss of sensation and mobility in my leg after I fractured it and had surgery.  I am super excited to finally now be able to feel the ridges and texture of a paper towel against my skin.  His knowledge is outstanding and his demeanor is incredible. Can’t wait to see what’s next as my leg improves without more surgeries and drugs...Love you Dr. Rhett!!”

Nichole L.A.

"It's hard to find someone who truly loves what they do, making others feel great. This is the heart of it. Thank you Tusken Chiropractic for all you do, not only for me but for everyone."

Jennifer H. 

“What an amazing place to come when you're not feeling like things are aligned. Dr Chris will make you feel like a million dollars!  I'm one of those people who did not think Chiropractic work was real, saying to myself “It won't work on me”. Then one day I went in for a treatment, and still continue to go. Now I have been able to go back to the things I love to do, weight lifting and horseback riding, with NO PAIN!

Thank you Dr. Chris and staff!"


Star R.